How you can start recycling (and earning towards a green wardrobe♻️)

Why haven't I heard about clothing recycling before?

Fabriq is the first consumer focused clothing recycling brand that rewards users for helping the environment by lowering the cost of building a clean closet through discounts. Currently, most traction is surrounding clothing resale, rentals, and donations - with consumers being unaware how to recycle, and also receiving no monetary incentive to do so.

Less than 15% of clothing waste is being recycled, Fabriq is changing that.

What happens with clothing donations currently?

Only a fraction of clothing donations to charities like Goodwill and the Salvation Army end up in the hands of a new user. Only about half of donated clothing is deemed suitable for retail in Goodwill's case. Especially for our most worn out clothes, they likely may not pass quality standards - and would actually be more beneficial being recycled

Moreover, as a consumer you can't track where and what your donated clothes are being used for. Fabriq allows consumers to directly track how their clothing waste is being reused by brands that align with your interest in sustainability. It's about accountability.

How will I earn from donating my clothes through Fabriq?

We allow users to donate any and all of their clothes for their choice of receiving a discount code of up to 60% off or a credit to any one of our partner brands which will be received as a QR code to your email/phone number either upon dropping off at a Fabriq donation bin or through mail. 

How can I start using Fabriq?! 

Sign up on our donation interest form to stay up to date on clothing drop off events, mail-in donation launch, and new partner brands you can redeem discounts for! 

Recycling at a FabDrop bin near you?